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Another vision of our universe

Colliding particles - This is not because
we don't see it that it doesn't exist.
Episode 1: Codename Eurostar from Mike Paterson

DLABS The search for visual simplicity
in a complex world !

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication...
  Leonardo Da Vinci
DLABS invents the tools for performance boosting
The Quest for genius of simplicity
DLABS solves the complexity of the world
for your lab or organization !

HTML5 + CSS3 , Flash or JavaFx

DLABS adapts its real-time rendering solutions
to your Research devices and environment constraints
DLABS Display: visually adapted !

Adobe Flash CC, HTML5 + CSS3 , Oracle JavaFX
DLABS© R&D: your access point to the most advanced research and real-time intelligence solutions & services to design now and boost the future your organization.

DEI : DLABS© Evolution by Innovation©

For more than a century, NEC (1898) and some of our global partners at DLABS® visuOWL® as global financial groups we worked for: BNP Paribas (1872), have been focusing on research and innovation to supply long term and sustainable performance and profits.
At DLABS© our sole gods are Research & Innovation, to face the adversity of our world and ensure the evolution of humanity. This innovation is everyday expressed in the research works of our partners as publications, news and projects of NEC JAMSTEC Earth Simulator II and at Atelier BNP Paribas. And also all the research we focus on. Just click on Blogs links
Our previous and current works and studies for DGA PP30, RENATER, La Poste Group, Dauphine University also led our constant involvement in fundamental and operational short and long term research (up to 30 years forecast). This is this more than a century long experience our partners and us today and as always involve into the best financial and IT services but also in the design of innovative fault tolerant solutions, stress & crisis resistant models and methodologies.
DLABS® adds an ultimate layer above those services and solutions. This added layer will help you to comply your present and future needs and help you to success your adaptation and evolution challenges thanks to innovation and research.
DLABS© visuOWL® founders, because of innovation has a cost, and thanks to their social business network and long experience in Finance, stock exchange markets and iT & Telecom will help you to finance your growth and invent, supply, integrate for you the best solutions.

DLABS©: Research & Innovation for Long Term Performance and sustainable evolution

DLABS© Research activities, partners, searchers teams and operational experts focus on the best Performance ratio for long term fundamental & operational research.

Research & Innovation have a cost.

We get and allocate budgets from our financial partners and core founders to invent, develop and integrate the best core, adapted and customized innovative algorithms, designs, solutions, products and services. Our research teams in agreement with our local consultants, resellers and partners will evaluate the feasibility the present and future needs of your organization to adapt it to new market trends and expectations. We will support you to adapt your organization to those challenges of research & innovation. This evolution will be done in accordance with your available budgets but also focusing on the market potential of your innovation request to make it co-financed if needed by our financial and industrial partners.

Global Partners & selected suppliers for Research & Innovation

IT & Finance Global Research

Big Data sensing & images capture

DLABS© focuses its long term research on how to design, structure and collect data to generate Big Data libraries for civil and military purpose. We invent I.T architectures and sorting algorithms to get rapid analytics answers and visualizations from those libraries for Business Intelligence and strategic activities.

Smart Grids & Power management

Smart Grids Research is one of the most strategic subject for humanity as a big part of human people will live in mega-cities. DLABS© focuses on algorithms and methodologies to set the optimal planning and location for energy consumption and production.

Global loops, inventory & infrastructure planning

Our planet is round ! It leads to local or seasonal peaks of activity or overloads to the closest local iT or Power infrastructures while others at the same time remain totally underused at the other side of the planet. DLABS© works on load-balancers design to manage globally time shifting and Content Delivery Networks, to prevent Denial Of Service or under-capacity crisis. We always keep focusing on innovative projects for ubiquity access to information as proposed by projects or Google®.org

Knowledge & performance management

DLABS© as every lab focuses on knowledge management. The information updating, valuation of inventoried archives or libraries and the knowledge and know how of the human resource of your organization. This information and research from most of the laboratories are now accessible globally at a decreasing cost thanks to digital means and standard protocols (Internet). DLABS© focuses on how to identify quickly in a massive set of data, the adapted information to your skills and aptitude to understand it and get added value from it.

2017 ! Happy new year

visuOWL DLABS Partners wishes you an happy new year 2017
All the DLABS Partners and searchers join me to wish you all the best and an happy new year 2017 !
CEO & Co-Founder, Oliver John Paul DUHAMEL